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  • One subject per month

    Learn 12 subjects that you might know about, but were probably never taught in school, like Lifelong Learning, Talent Stacking, Mindfulness, and Time Management.

  • Mobile coaching support

    With Onyx Learner Academy, you are also given access to Onyx Black - Onyx Education's 1:1 mobile coaching and personal accountability app.

  • Information you need now

    Finding your personal balance, applying design thinking, and knowing how to navigate digital learning are all vitally important skills for 21st Century success.

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Learning doesn't have to be hard, and we'll teach you how

There aren't any programs like Onyx Learner Academy. We have uniquely crafted this experience for adult learners from college to corporate and everywhere in between so you can become an efficient & effective lifelong learner.
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Who is Onyx Learner Academy for?

  • Are your college plans on pause?

    Make sure this is not a year of lost time and keep your mind engaged by learning new skills that you weren't taught in high school.

  • Made the decision to take a gap year?

    Gain unique skills that both schools and employers value without taking time away from doing the things you love.

  • Want to enhance your college experience?

    Add depth and breadth to your learning with subjects that are often ignored in modern degree programs.

  • Have you been out of school for a long time?

    Recover what you need to know in order to succeed in trainings, quickly pick up new skills at work, and learn in your personal life.

  • Preparing to pivot, upskill, or reskill at work?

    The knowledge-based economy of today requires us to do this often, and it can be very difficult without the right habits.

  • Are you ready to be a lifelong learner?

    It's not an option for us to stop learning, being an efficient and effective lifelong learner leads to higher levels of happiness from work to home.

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