It's time to break down barriers to lifelong learning

Through the Onyx Learner Academy, you can access all of the tools and resources you need to learn anything with only a smartphone.

The importance of a powerful, viable online learning platform became even more crucial over the last year.

Onyx is about reimagining what is possible. 

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What is the Onyx Learner Academy?

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Don't just survive 21st Century Education, Thrive with Onyx.

  • Learn what you want to learn

    Our learning is applicable to any domain due to our focus on academic foundations and the Art of Learning. In other words, we teach you "how" - you decide "why."

  • Learn when you want to learn

    Our O.A.S.I.S. Methodology emphasizes our learning experiences being always available and personally curated. You don't need fit our schedule - we fit your schedule.

  • Learn how you want to learn

    We provide our content through the full spectrum of learning delivery channels to best suit your needs. Learn with the academic immersive action research leaders.

Successfully Navigate Education 3.0

  • Build your digital presence and prepare for success

  • Join a community dedicated to personal development

  • Cutting edge teaching methodologies and digital tools

  • Learn what you want, when you want, how you you want

  • Establish habits, mindsets, and networks for you to thrive

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What is Education 3.0?

Experience the Most Innovative Approach to Digital Learning

Ready to Learn the Most Valuable Skill in the World?

In Ancient times, agriculture was the most valuable skill you could have.

During the Industrial Revolution,  it was using machines to automate labor.

Today, we live in a knowledge economy. 

The most valuable skill is knowing how to learn new things.

Once you are a Master Learner, you will have the tools to acquire the skills and knowledge you need to succeed now and into the future.

You will know how to learn without having to enroll in a university. With internet access, you will be able to control your own destiny.

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